The Corporate Ladder True Cost

Is climbing the corporate ladder worth it? Most times in order to get to the top, you need to step on and climb over your coworkers. That can cause relationship strains as well as breaks. So, is the risk of losing friends worth the higher rungs of the ladder? Is it really worth it?? Read More

Who do you attract? Who influences you?

For most, surrounding yourself with the right people means surrounding yourself with people that will have a good, positive influence on your life. For a select few though, it might mean the opposite. So depending on what you are striving for in life, you should surround yourself with people striving for those same goals. Read More

Strong Teams Take Work

Successful team building requires that teams have good relationships, good communication, and share a common goal. Team members must be able to freely speak their mind, ask for help, share ideas, provide honest feedback, accept constructive criticism, and risk making mistakes. Read More