Facility Maintenance Planning

Facility Maintenance Planning

Third party facility maintenance planning provides for an objective maintenance plan. Facility maintenance planning involves setting operational and performance goals for the systems within a building.

Franklin Development Trust uses the principles of Reliability Centered Maintenance planning to develop comprehensive maintenance plans. Our goal is to develop a maintenance plan that evaluates the tasks necessary to keep your assets performing their desired function, while maintaining industry, OSHA, and societal standards.

The goal of this evaluation is to eliminate as many unnecessary requirements and costs associated with traditional maintenance plans as possible. These plans cover day to day cleaning and repairs, as well as, long term maintenance, and operations.

Facility maintenance typically has three goals, which may vary depending on the building:

  • To keep the building functioning as intended while providing a safe and healthy environment.
  • To maintain building systems and equipment.
  • To keep expenses in check while minimizing the building’s environmental impact.