Facility Upgrading

Facility Upgrading

Today’s institutional, corporate, and industrial buildings are being called to perform to a higher standard. This is the result of new, more efficient technology, tighter economic constraints, and increasing governmental regulation.

As offices, researchers, healthcare facilities, and manufacturers look for cost-efficient solutions, facility upgrades and retrofits often serve, as an economic solution to, expansion needs, as well as a means of technologically updating a facility.

Franklin Development Trust has the resources and or strategic partnerships to provide expert service for any type of upgrade. We have experience with facility upgrades ranging from IT infrastructures, full blown renovations, mechanical upgrades, to facility automation systems. 

Throughout the project, Franklin Development Trust will be able to advise you as you develop the scope of your project to ensure you have an accurate understanding of the impact of your decisions.

Franklin Development Trust offers a full range of Project Management services in conjunction with our construction services. We can perform your facility upgrade as well as manage the project all the way from the initiation phase to closing.

Our service offerings include, but are not limited to: Facility Optimization Assessments, Project Plans, Budgets, and Schedules. Pairing these services ensures that Facility Upgrade meets the operational, budgetary, and strategic needs of the client.